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What Is Concrete STAINING?

Stained Concrete

Our stains are applied in an environmentally responsible manner. KAR colors concrete surfaces with a beautiful variegated and mottled appearance. KAR can transform an ordinary concrete surface into the rich look of granite or marble.

Staining is not paint or coating agent, rather, it's a coloring process involving a chemical reaction on a cementitious material. A solution made with water, acid and inorganic salts reacts with minerals already present in the concrete, and the result of this reaction is color. It works very well on new or old concrete, and we've seen impressive results over decorative polymer overlays as well as self-leveling products. KAR stains are a very durable product when properly protected with sealer/wax, and it can be applied to both interiors and exteriors.

What makes KAR Stain so attractive? Staining gives concrete a mottled, variegated, marble-like look. It creates beautiful colors on concrete, mostly earth tone browns, reddish browns and greens. You can also create your own shades by mixing and matching your available colors, or applying them at different rates. Never expect stain to be uniform or have an even tone, you'll get different reactions from slab to slab, and even on the same job you may see different coloration patterns.

Stain can be applied to walks, entrances, driveways, living rooms, bathrooms, patios, high traffic, concrete products areas and even vertically to any cementitious surface.

On some applications where the surface is textured, as in stamped concrete or stamped overlays, KAR Stain provides even more depth of color, larger selection and realistic look to the surface. You can go from a simple design to a very sophisticated project. The more complicated your design, the more labor intensive it will become, but the end results are simply stunning. After the Stain is applied, the floor should be sealed / waxed to protect the stain and add shine and depth.

KAR works with existing concrete slabs and/or KAR will do the install with qualified concrete installers to create a beautiful long lasting, finished floor.

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