KAR Construction is an environmentally conscious company.
We are committed to minimize the environmental impact of our business.
KAR is GREEN in Product Choices:
        The bulk of our products are recyclable. We seek alliances with earth-friendly vendors and suppliers.
KAR is GREEN on the Job:
Customers are our greatest asset. We are respectful of our customers property as an eco-system.
KAR is GREEN in Energy Consumption:
Our Capital equipment purchasing is driven by our desire to conserve natural resources. Fuel efficiency and product life are prime considerations.
KAR is GREEN in Waste Management:
All inbound packaging material, spent oil, aerosols and lead batteries are sent to the appropriate places for recycling or disposal. We are dedicated to waste prevention and recycling. We are committed to the purchase of goods that have recycled content or produce less waste.
KAR is GREEN in the office:
All waste paper, cans and bottles are collected and recycled. All used computer equipment is disposed of for recycling. All empty photocopier and printer cartridges are returned to our suppliers for refilling.
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