KAR Consulting Service

    KAR Construction is pleased to announce the addition of our Concrete Consulting Service.

    For those who prefer to do-it-yourself, we can provide the expertise, while you provide the labor.   

    Materials and tools can also be provided at additional cost.   We can also do a full installation with our professional crews.

    Businesses can also benefit from our consulting.   If you need help dealing with a contractor, finding a contractor or making sure a bid is accurate we can lend a hand.

We offer onsite training for:

     Pattern Overlays
     Chemical staining
     Floor Preparation
     Multiple patterns using designs, stencils, logos, or engraving.

KAR Construction operates in the Milwaukee Metro area.
We will travel nationally for extensive jobs.

Contact KAR Construction By Phone or FAX:

     Office: 414.645.1171
     FAX: 414.431.1723

Or by email:


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